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Foresight for Strategic Planning and Policy Development

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The problem addressed

How to best develop capacities in public service by applying foresight methodologies in strategic planning and risk management as well as addressing other pertinent questions regarding the utility of foresight in the public service environment especially using Foresight to plan large scale development projects as well as planning in urban and rural areas. .We also engaged participants in discussion on what is feasible in Rwanda. 

The intervention

A knowledge sharing and prototyping workshop, the Rwanda ForesightXchange, was held in October where over 50 senior government officials gathered to discuss how to incorporate “Foresight” planning approach in Rwanda’s existing planning processes. The workshop covered three main topics – future of urbanization in Rwanda, future of rural sector development and large scale public investment projects, with one day dedicated to each.

The partners

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB),  the  Office of the President in Rwanda , One UN in Rwanda, UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence in Singapore


UNDP Rwanda will work with the Minister of Planning and RGB to ensure foresight will be applied as approach in the Government of Rwanda’s planning processes at the central and decentralized levels. In addition, the government has taken up the following recommendations arising from the workshop.

Implement a coordination mechanism for government ministries and programmes- fashioned around Whole of Government Approach; Undertake a study on possibility of establishing an innovation fund to spur innovation within the Government and also as a tool ensure implementation of the Foresight approach.

Lessons identified

The choice of topics turned out to be ambitious within the given timeframe. As a consequence, although it was possible to work through some of the main tools for strategic foresight (the process) and to work on some of the organizational issues, some participants expressed a desire for more substantial outcomes on urbanization and rural development. It is therefore suggested to conduct the follow-up events with less emphasis on the process and more on the production of substantive scenarios on urbanization and rural development.

Contact person

Auke Lootsma:

Judy Wakahiu:

Haruka Nakayama

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