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Amplifying Citizen Voice

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The problem addressed

Provided a direct channel for citizen participation in UN decisions that affect their daily lives. Created a new body of ‘open source’ data from recipients of aid and services to national and global level decision makers and aided the transparency and accountability around these issues.

The intervention

Convened policy experts, UN agencies and CSOs to design questions that would be useful for climate negotiations. Created a brand identity and signifier, tested a set of questions via an SMS Poll in Nigeria working with U-report. Tested to what extent questions would have to be customized working with the Government of Peru. Built a digital platform and presented the initiative at COP 20 in Lima. The best practices which result from the prototyping and in country testing will be carried forward to scale and built into a model for crowd-sourced solutions to the SDGs as well as continued perceptions based engagement. 

The partners

This was a UN Millennium Campaign initiative in partnership with UNFCCC, the Secretary General’s Climate Change Support Team, UNDP, UNICEF (U-report), the Earth Institute and CAN International


Developed an online consultation platform on the World We Want with substantive comments on design from 17 organisations:

Reached out through SMS to over 100,000 youth in Nigeria to pilot the survey with almost 12,000 survey responses. See:

Presented the idea to over 1,000 CSOs and youth groups at the Conference on Youth in Peru, preceding COP 20.

Worked with Human Design our platform partner to use these learnings to iterate and learn from testing MY Green World to develop a modular platform that has greater adaptability and can be used to track a broader number of issues regarding citizen voice

Lessons identified

With citizen data, start with the end in mind, consult with policy teams and decision makers to ensure that you are gathering data that is most useful and timely to the decision making process.Keep your data set ‘open source’ and not hard coded so that the largest range of data visualization partners, academics and civil society can use it

Avoid technocratic language and remember the three c’s to keep your questions concise, compelling and contextual

Contact person

Anand Kantaria:

Mitchell Toomey: 

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$100,000 USD

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