Moldova: Redesigning police stations

Stage: Early stage

Quality of public service through redesigning the community policy station and enhancing communications

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The problem addressed

Quality of public service through redesign of the community policy station and change in the culture policemen communicate with the local community. Local people felt detached and unaware of the services provided by the community police while the space of the station was discomforting both for citizens and policemen. 

The intervention

We worked with the policemen from one of the police stations in Chisinau to see how their engagement with the local community can be improved and how the space can be changed make it user friendlier and more efficient for the police. We conducted interviews, workshops and prototyping sessions with the policemen and citizens to understand their concerns, to shift discussions from purely material needs (“we, policemen, need more cars and computers”) to more cultural once (“how we talk to people so that they know what we are doing and are familiar with us personally”, “how we shift from personal working places to functional one”, “how we re-arrange entrance space to make it friendlier to community members), we tested proposed solutions with people and offered a new design of police station.

The partners

Minister of Interior (interested in changing the way community police works for people) and community police staff;

Community members – people living nearby as well as shop owners and open-market merchants, students from nearby school, some CSO representatives;

Main donor – USAID, who funds renovation of the police station; FutureGov and Tilt design organization from UK who helped us with expertise in engagement with the police and public;


We have brand new user-friendly design for the police station that will be followed in the renovation of the police station in the spring

Lessons identified

Our assumption was that local community will meet the project with open arms. However, we found they were culturally not that ready for such a radical approach. So, community engagement was not strong enough and we should have spent more time for engaging with public beforehand. Re: spend more time on engaging with community and explaining to people what to expect from the exercise.


Most of policemen were focused on conveying on what they did not have while overlooking how they could use differently what they already had. Try to turn discussion what users don’t have to what they can do.

Contact person

Alexandru Oprunenco:

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$50,000 USD

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