Mauritius: Education tools promoting a culture of prevention

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Build a more resilient society through innovative education tools promoting the culture of prevention and reducing risk of disaster

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The problem addressed

In March 2013, Port-Louis was hit by fatal flash floods resulting from torrential rains. Since then, authorities understood the need to develop and adopt a proper disaster management system based on prevention and preparedness, not only for floods but for all kind of natural disasters. It was noted that the public sector is not resilient enough to handle natural disasters and youth are not prepared to face these disasters. 

The intervention

As part of an ongoing effort to promote this culture of prevention the UNDP Country Office, in partnership with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center, has been working on building a more resilient society through innovative education tools. The target is to contribute to instill a culture of prevention and infuse simple and key safety messages into communities through youth who have the potential to become influential drivers of prevention in their communities through communication with their parents and peers. We are looking to infuse these messages into school curriculums, school safety plans, methodologies, e-learning for civil servants, quiz, posters/awareness materials.

The partners

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center


The initiative involves activities such as gamification and competitions as a way to maximize the involvement and interest of students, such as a poster and logo design contest aimed at encouraging students to reflect on the best way to convey safety messages promoting risk prevention. A mobile app development competition with university students has been postponed to 2015.

Lessons identified

This is a good lesson learned for UNDP CO and beyond: even if we are dealing with innovation projects and we like to see quick wins and short-term delivery to fuel the momentums, having enough time to plan the activities in advance is important to ensure that key activities materialize at key moments and achieve best possible results. This implies very good knowledge of the context and participatory planning.

Contact person

Satyajeet Ramchurn:

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