São Tomé and Principe: Monitoring transformative impact on development programmes

Innovation Areas: SENSING
Stage: Early stage

Using polling methodology to assist in monitoring of impact measurement, perceptions and sustainable development investment.

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The problem addressed

It is difficult to measure the long term impact of the UN's work.

The intervention

UNDP São Tomé & Principe is using polling methodology to assist in monitoring of impact through measuring trends, perceptions and relevance of sustainable development investments in the CO. The use of polling tools can monitor development investments through an independent and transparent way, in a specific space for a long period with extremely low costs. The information collected will provide the Country Team with important insights from the society, leading to changes or improvements in country programmes, better development outcomes and coordination of the UN development system. of knowledge of UNDP, through the implementation of planned actions.

The partners

Voto Mobile, Civil Society, Government


Held a SHIFT week of innovation action event with Voto Mobile which brought together 40 participants from UNDP, private sector and government with the objective to employ new polling methodologies to find better ways to measure impact and increase the ability of citizens to have their voices heard by the national government.

Lessons identified

The intervention areas that UNDP of São Tomé and Principe should pay more attention of, were assessed in terms of degree of importance by respondents. So, the higher degree of importance is most notably in Health, Education and Justice. These options have been chosen regardless the age and level of education, and, professional categories.

With this report, the intention is to emphasize the need to recognize the diversity of stakeholders benefiting from UNDP actions in STP, aiming to promote people's well-being based on the process of social change, especially with the spatially differentiated settings of development.

In a context of mutation, creation of specific policies instruments, capable to support local communities’ development, is very important. It is a major challenge for UNDP. Systems, and, processes of intervention should be in adequacy with the local realities.

Contact person

António de Lima Viegas: Antonio.viegas@undp.org 

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