Regional: One-Click Away (Tanzania, Burundi, and South Africa)

Stage: Early stage

One-Click Away Design, Evaluation, and Reporting (DER) Mission to Collect Advanced Data and Build Capacities

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The problem addressed

UNDP strives to increase the accuracy, depth, and scope of data it collects for the purpose of enhancing situation analyses, informing programming, strengthening evaluations, improving decision-making, and showcasing the work of UNDP.

The intervention

The Initiative provided 1) audio/video equipment and 2) Geospatial Positioning System (GPS) equipment to three UNDP Country Offices (Tanzania, Burundi, and South Africa) -- and the training necessary to use this equipment for qualitative and geospatial data collection purposes.


To demonstrate the usefulness of this technology to the CO, the Initiative collected qualitative data (i.e. key expert interviews) for the UNDP Global Study on Legal Aid (BPPS).


At the end of the mission, each CO was in a position to use the donated equipment for its own country-level purposes - creating videos and maps to strengthen data and results.

The partners

All partners were internal UNDP staff or consultants.


Donated to three Country Offices (Tanzania, Burundi, and South Africa)

all equipment necessary to collect audio/video (qualitative) and geospatial (cartographic) data to support UNDP programmes and priorities.

Recorded over 30 hours of audio/video interviews with key experts on legal aid in all three countries, to support the UNDP Global Study on Legal Aid

Built Country Office capacities to use this equipment to collect data for the CO’s own purposes

Lessons identified

Country Office familiarity with the mission’s purposes and early engagement with the initiative is essential to realizing success to the fullest extent.

Capacity building of staff requires several training sessions, which might not fit into the timetable of a short (e.g. one week) mission.

Donating necessary equipment to the CO is a significant benefit towards increasing sustainability and programme adoption

Post-production and post-mission support is essential to longer-term programme success



Contact person

James Neuhaus:

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$50,000 USD

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