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Innovation Areas: FORESIGHT
Stage: Early stage

Strategic decision making for recovery and development in Sudan using innovative approaches such as the use of foresight.

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The problem addressed

In Sudan, there is a lack of citizen participation and ownership in national planning processes. UNDP Sudan has embarked on a conversation with the Institute for the Future and Futurescaper to explore the possibility of using foresighting methodologies for strategic planning and decision-making in Sudan. The process of engaging a range of stakeholders and population groups in developing a common vision of the alternative futures for Sudan would have tremendous value not only in terms of accompanying a PRSP process, but also as a dialogue and communication tool in a diverse and divided society.

The intervention

This initiative of UNDP Sudan uses foresight to aim at developing more resilient and agile development plans, in tune with a shared vision of the future of Sudan, ensuring greater ownership and the development of a solid theory of change. Engaging with the Institute for the Future and Futurescaper, the Innovation Nucleus is leading the preparatory process for a series of foresighting exercises and research into alternative futures at state and national levels in collaboration with government partners to ensure that the process and outcomes are able to inform and guide the analysis carried out in through the PRSP.

The partners

The Institute for the Future and Futurescaper


The kick-off workshop, Sudan 2013, in November brought together more than 100 participants representing key stakeholder groups including government, youth groups, civil society, academia and international partners. The next step will be regional scenario planning workshops with the results consolidated and vetted through a series of federal workshops. The activities will be accompanied by an online survey where the results will be analysed collaboratively, establishing linkages between various factors that emerge and "urgent futures" that will inform the scenario building work.

Lessons identified

Contact person

Margunn Indreboe:

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