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Promoting social innovation, design thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship among youth to endorse the concept of “Smart Citizens”.

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The problem addressed

The aim of this project is to promote social innovation, design thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship among youth to endorse the concept of “Smart Citizens”. Furthermore, this project will encourage the development of tech-oriented solutions for challenges in Egypt based on the post-2015 millennium goals national consultations and “World We Want” reports. The main challenges identified centered on: Environmental issues (water management and energy efficiency), better job opportunities for youth, poverty reduction and women empowerment. The project not only intends to encourage the development of innovative solutions for key challenges, but in parallel, to support youth to build sustainable social businesses, hence, fostering employment.

The intervention

UNDP Egypt has held a series of innovative workshops/camps focused on engaging citizens and government in a variety of issues. A two-day Social Justice Innovation Camp for Egypt's National Human Development Report gathered 45 Egyptian youth to understand how they experience social injustice, providing them with a platform to voice their opinions, concerns and aspirations to decision-makers.  A three-day workshop ‘Design for integrated living’, brought together a wide range of participants to generate ideas and simple, cost effective prototypes that would aid persons with disabilities in leading an easier, more inclusive and integrated life. A two-day hack4mobile event generated ideas/apps for smart cities. The winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The partners

Civil Society, government, NGOs, FabLabs


Lessons identified

Contact person

Sherif El Tokali:

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