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A proposed integrated system to ensure timely and accurate cost recovery of Country Office

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The problem addressed

Being the backbone of UN business operations in Indonesia, UNDP is committed to seek the most cost-effective administrative system to deliver high-quality common services. In 2013 alone, the Country Office’s 16 operational staff handled an overwhelming number of 12,000 transactions, ranging from billings to keeping track of orders. The service requests came from dozens of UNDP projects and UN agencies whose project offices are spread out across Indonesia.  Hence, the Operational Team of UNDP Indonesia has developed the ‘One Click Web System’ – an integrated business solution to speed up the delivery of common services to our clients. 

The intervention

Through this web-based system we deliver all of the business needs in one place.

The One Click Web Application has been tested numerous times to produce perfect accuracy and it features;

-           Online request system

-           Automated billing service and report

-           Dashboard and service tracking tool

-           Workload distribution tool

-           Connection to the Corporate’s ATLAS

-           Online feedback form for clients to allow continuous improvement

The results? No more complicated and time-consuming business processes that would bog down the team’s productivity.

The partners

Indonesia Country Office team which consist of Operations personnel collaborated with an external IT service provider PT. Sigma Cakra Mulia and was supported fully throughout the entire process by RBAP and OIST. Given the direction from the Senior Management, cross practice colleagues have also contributed and learned from the journey of One-Click development. 


The one-stop solution web-based system was developed successfully in December 2014 based on an initial feedback session with representative from programme, project and operations.  It was tested internally in February 2015 with six UNDP projects and two agencies. There were a total of 15 focal points from Project Management units (PMUs) and UN Agency partners trained on how to use the platform to pilot this web-app and they were requested to provide feedback prior to the official launching in April 2015.


The analysis which was made during the design of the web-based application highlighted that the productivity increase pre and post implementation of One Click which include the following results:

·       Timeliness (time spent on manual billing against automated billing) ensured of billing submission to Agency;

·       Risk reduced from possible losses due to missing charges;

·       Workload Analysis enabled for each operations Unit; and

·       Timely report provided for management to review key critical process to support delivery of programme.  


The team has also benefited from the encouragement from the RBAP team to work aloud and therefore produced a video diary on the web-based application that has been utilized to communicate on this web-app to relevant offices in the country, regional and headquarters. 

Lessons identified

We realized throughout the development of One Click web-app that there is a need for a strong coordination with RBAP to facilitate discussions with OIST, Accounting Dept at HQ level to identify acceptable online platform as per corporate guidance. This will avoid complexities in aligning the application to other existing online platforms such as ATLAS as well as technical accounting guidance that should be the basis to build the application.


It is absolutely critical for Communications Team to be involved from the get go especially considering that the working aloud component was funded separately through an additional US$5,000 per award which would have enabled us to plan the strategic communication activities more comprehensively surrounding the prototyping exercise.


Finally, it would be useful to also design a post-intervention monitoring and evaluation tool that will allow us to measure impact of the operationalization of the web-app post 2014 Innovation Fund as part of long term lessons learned to document from the initiative. 

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