Pakistan: Monitoring and Evaluation System

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An M&E Strategic Information System to help national programs and projects improve their M&E practices and the quality of data generated

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The problem addressed

In CO Pakistan, there was an emerging consensus on the lack of live and timely monitoring and evaluation data of development programs/projects. This unavailability or lack of M&E data not only impacted negatively while reporting results progress to the Corporate and UNDP Donor organisations but also impeded the possibility to track progress and demonstrate impact of its project, program

The intervention

In 2014, CO Pakistan hired a Consultant to develop the envisaged web-based M&E System to be used centrally by all the programs/projects in Pakistan. The system is in the final stages of its development wherein a pilot test run has been successfully launched on one of the largest program in the CO i.e. Strengthening Rule of Law in KPK. The system is planned to be launched in March 2015.

The partners

In order to bring expertise from within CO Pakistan and also utilize global expertise, a Reference Group from the CO Pakistan has been established. This group also collaborated with the technical Representatives from RBAP and OIST/OSG in New York to be more aware of the challenges the HQ teams are facing while having the UNDP Corporate Strategic Planning System developed.


The M&E System has got the functionality to have automated Project RRF, AWPs and annual Monitoring Plans which will help capture progress at the project activity level including geographical coverage and evidences in the form of pictures, short video clips and project documents. The system provides live and dynamic project results and resources dashboards for senior management, projects and donor organisations with interactive maps showing intervention areas and progress made.

Lessons identified

Program and Projects to be willing to have a re-look at the program/project indicators, targets and activities in order for the system to capture data against the results chain.

Finalise the system architecture and flow diagrams before the development starts.

Involve senior management in the process throughout as it will increase chances of having their viewpoints incorporated at the start-up.  

Contact person

Sabeeh Zaidi:

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