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app provides travellers in Skopje with all the information they need

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The problem addressed

The app provides travellers in Skopje with all the information they need to plan the quickest, cheapest and most environment-friendly routes to destinations in the capital. Carbon emissions data help commuters to make the “greenest” choice. The Skopje Green Routes planner not only provides users with information about bus routes and timetables, bicycle rental-points and parking places, it also gives real-time information on traffic congestion and air pollution – which are one of the most acute environmental problems in the capital.

The intervention

The app has been designed to analyse and convey real-time data about traffic flows, congestion and air pollution from:

sensors installed by the city’s local authorities at the main road junctions to measure traffic flows.

CO2 sensors installed at the most congested traffic routes in the central area of the city. The levels of emissions recorded by these sensors will be publicly displayed.

real time information supplied by a local taxi company on congestion and accidents in the city streets —an arrangement that represents an innovative non-traditional partnership with the private sector.

The new app and accompanying website also ensure interactivity through a public forum for reporting incidents and traffic offences, making suggestions for improvements and identifying priority routes in need of repairs.

The partners

The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the City of Skopje, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, City Parking, City Public Transport company and In Taxi.


Over 5,000 active users; launched during SHIFT week; honoured as one of the top seven “projects to watch” in a global contest organised by the UN Global Pulse, an initiative to harness data to fight climate change; Over 50 super- positive media reports; first ever partnership with Google- thanks to this app, the City of Skopje has become the first city in the Western Balkans to incorporate its public transport schedules into Google’s Transit web service, providing citizens and tourists with an easy way to find routes and times across the city. App was top story on EU’s Commission (Brussels) during EU mobility week; App got great reviews from local app appraisal sites.

Lessons identified

Always start with a prototype; Involve users and all partners from the very beginning and throughout all steps to make sure that the final product meets their needs (agile development); Speak out loud throughout the process. 

Contact person

Jasmina Belcovska Tasevska:

Sandra Ismanovski:

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