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Improving UN vehicle fleet management

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The problem addressed

All UN agencies have vehicle fleets, smaller or larger. However, those fleets are most often managed individually which leads to resources sitting idle in UN locations around the world. This in turn leads to a range of associated issues, for instance; higher costs, sustainability issues and environmental degradation.   

The intervention

With the support from the innovation facility UNDP procurement hired an external consultant specializing in the field of how to utilize smart technology to pool vehicles fleets. These vehicle pools can lead to better resource allocation and effectiveness which will mean that problems relating to those same resources can be addressed and creating a more sustainable UN. 

The partners

As this is a ONE UN initiative we are working with UNFPA and UNICEF actively. 


The consultant hired with the funds has developed a set of criteria that can be used for choosing which countries/locations to approach for a pilot study. To find the right locations for such a pilot study will be crucial to success and further roll out of the initiative.

Lessons identified

Innovation initiatives can be of long term nature and the desired impact of them may take some time. An important aspect is to set clear goals and report on the achievements of the same regardless whether the outcome was positive or negative. 

Contact person

Marc Lundwall:

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